Who are we?

We are NUS Cross-Country team. The team is made up of a bunch of running enthusiasts who comes together to train, to race and most importantly, to have FUN! It is also a process of supporting and encouraging each other to achieve their individual’s running goal. We are a big family!

I am not involved or participate in any form of cross-country training. Can I still join the team?

Certainly! It is the passion and enthusiastic about the sports that we want from you! Many of our X-country team mates did not received proper training prior joining the team but with their sheer hard work and determination, they turned out to be great runners! We believe in every single individual and their ability.

What are our training schedules?

We train every Monday and Thursday at 6pm during term time. Training schedule during semester break is flexible, depending on everyone’s schedules. Most of the training takes place at the NUS running track, but we do vary our training by running around campus and out of NUS as well.

We also do our long runs in MacRitchie Reservoir on Saturdays at 0730am.

How do we perform our selection?

There are two major races that we partake in every year (IVP & SUniG Road Race).

The selection for IVP will be based on the results from the participation of the previous year’s SAA Track and Field Series. Runners interested to represent NUS in IVP for any event will have to partake in at least one of the series through the year.

The selection for SUniG Road Race will be done through two time trials that will be conducted before the actual road race day. Runners interested to represent NUS in SUniG will have to partake in at least one of the road race time trial. The best of the two results will be taken into consideration. Look out for the dates of the road race time trial on our calender here.

For all other races, the committee will decide on the team composition to send based on both the standard and commitment to the team.

Please do indicate to us in advance if you would like to represent NUS in any of races.

I am afraid that I cannot take all the tough training…

We train as a team because training alone can be very tiring and SIANZ. As a team, you will zest in all the fun and improving at the same time! Sweating will be so fun!

Why make us so different from other running teams?

We are a Big Family which trains hard and enjoys eating a lot! Hahaha….

In addition, we also have gatherings whereby Roadracers/X-ers from the past and present batches meetup and have good clean fun like potluck dinners and heart to heart talks. For the more adventurous ones, we play drinking games some of the times when it is off season. Just take a peek at our photos to get an idea.

Whom to look for:

Men’s Captain: Ming Xuan

Men’s Vice Captain: Manoj

Men’s Team Manager: Joseph Wong

Women’s Captain: Ariel Tan

Women’s Vice Captain: Jia Qi

Anyone else wearing the “NUS Cross-Country” shirt or simply drop us an  email at nuscrosscomm@gmail.com!