Why We Run 2010

Kelvin Ling: “Simple! To lose weight!”

Chun Meng:”Allow myself to indulge after working out… X Y Z… Celebrate Life, Gain Inspiration from you guys”

Patrick: “Because it is what I can associate myself with.”

Fabian: “In essence, running is more than just physical and relentless perpetual motion. The split second where both feet are off the ground, it makes the seemingly impossible things in life, possible. Running defines life, yet defies its limits. More than just a sport, running is life.”

Melissa Tan: “In short, I run because it makes me smile. It takes me to a plane where I can forget my worries. It replaces pain with this rush of happiness after pushing yourself. I run simply for the love of running.”

Yong Qiang: “Nowadays I run is because someone is running too=) Hope we can improve together.”

Jackie: “I run to maintain my fitness, I run to challenge myself and others, I run to run, I run to go places, I run to improve myself, I run to surprise, I run to race, I run to…”

Eric: “I run because running defines who I am today.”

Alvin: “I run for the fun of it. I run to test myself. I run to break the wind. I run to stay fit. I run to lead by an example. I run to do stupid things that people never even dream of doing so. I run, because I love to run. I run because I am crazy.”

Madan: “It was good racing that day for me; not just masochistic pleasure. It is rare that everything you planned for, and could not plan for, can go in your favour. And those feelings are what I run for.”

Sarah Tan: “Running has given me a whole new experience in life, new goals and new friends and I do hope I would be able to continue running for my entire life ^_^”

Tricia: “running has become the constant in my life i cant live without.”

Yap Xiong: “It’s not about competing or training. It’s not the thrill of winning. Or breaking records. It’s not even about redemption. It’s about putting to use what God has given me. And so I run – because maybe, just maybe as I run, someone won’t say I’m humiliating myself. But instead, that someone will say: I’m seeing something spiritual in you.”

Azrul: “For me, it’s the feeling of satisfaction knowing that you gave your all and tested your endurance to the limit. Running is more than just a sport to me, its part of my life. I feel healthier and fitter as the days goes by. And naturally, I started to have a good sleeping pattern and also started to eat right. I guess I will never stop running as long as I’m still able to walk. And I’m really grateful to have a loyal and dedicated group of runners to run beside me.”

Veronica: To me at least, running is way beyond that. It is so complex and such a dynamic term. And so running, to me, is truly everything and nothing at all. I haven’t figured exactly why I run, and that’s precisely why I run.”

Chun Kai: “Godzilla needed Minilla.
I need to run.
Godzilla loved Minilla.
I love to run.”


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